Nebraska Revised Statute 44-407.10

Chapter 44


Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities; how cited; applicability.

(1) Sections 44-407.10 to 44-407.23 shall be known as the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities.

(2) Such sections shall not apply to any reinsurance, group annuity purchased under a retirement plan or plan of deferred compensation established or maintained by an employer, including a partnership, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship, by an employee organization, or by both, other than a plan providing individual retirement accounts or individual retirement annuities under section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code, premium deposit fund, variable annuity, investment annuity, immediate annuity, any deferred annuity contract after annuity payments have commenced, or reversionary annuity, nor to any contract which shall be delivered outside this state through an agent or other representative of the company issuing the contract.


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