Nebraska Revised Statute 42-823

Chapter 42


Application for proceedings; minor child not involved; jurisdiction.

Whenever application is made to the conciliation court for conciliation proceedings in respect to a controversy between spouses, or a contested action for divorce, annulment of marriage, or separate maintenance, but there is no minor child whose welfare may be affected by the results of the controversy, and it appears to the court that reconciliation of the spouses or amicable adjustment of the controversy can probably be achieved, and that the work of the court in cases involving children will not be seriously impeded by acceptance of the case in the same manner as similar cases involving the welfare of children are disposed of, such acceptance may be made. In the event of such application and acceptance, the court shall have the same jurisdiction over the controversy and the parties thereto, or having any relation thereto, that it has under the provisions of sections 42-801 to 42-823 in similar cases involving the welfare of children.


  • Laws 1965, c. 228, § 23, p. 662.