Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1323.01

Chapter 39 Section 1323.01


Lands acquired for highway purposes; lease, rental, or permit for use; authorization; proprietary purposes permitted; disposition of rental funds; conditions, covenants, exceptions, reservations.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation, subject to the approval of the Governor, and the United States Department of Transportation if such department has a financial interest, is authorized to lease, rent, or permit for use, any area, or land and the buildings thereon, which area or land was acquired for highway purposes. The Director-State Engineer, for the Nebraska Department of Transportation, and in the name of the State of Nebraska, may execute all leases, permits, and other instruments necessary to accomplish the foregoing. Such instruments may contain any conditions, covenants, exceptions, and reservations which the department deems to be in the public interest, including, but not limited to, the provision that upon notice that such property is needed for highway purposes the use and occupancy thereof shall cease. If so leased, rented, or permitted to be used by a municipality, the property may be used for such governmental or proprietary purpose as the governing body of the municipality shall determine, and such governing body may let the property to bid by private operators for proprietary uses. All money received as rent shall be deposited in the state treasury and by the State Treasurer placed in the Highway Cash Fund, subject to reimbursement, if requested, to the United States Department of Transportation for its proportionate financial contribution.


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