Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1323

Chapter 39


Lands of state; acquisition; purpose; consent of Governor required; procedure.

The department may acquire land, as provided for by sections 72-224.02 and 72-224.03, whenever such land is necessary to construct, reconstruct, improve, relocate, and maintain the state highway system and to provide adequate drainage for and access facilities to such highways. The acquisition may be of educational land or any lands owned, occupied, or controlled by any state institution, board, agency, or commission. Prior to taking any land for any of the above purposes, a certificate that the taking of such land is in the public interest, must be obtained from the Governor and from the department and be filed in the office of the Department of Administrative Services. Written notice of the intent to acquire land of any state institution, board, agency, or commission shall be given to such institution, board, agency, or commission, ten days before the filing of the certificate with the department. Whenever the land taken is educational land which is under the control of any separate agency or board of the State of Nebraska, the damages assessed in the condemnation shall be paid to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds and the agency or board shall then have a claim against the State of Nebraska for the amount so paid.


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