Nebraska Revised Statute 72-224.02

Chapter 72


Condemnation proceedings; lease; valuation; adjustment; payment.

If the school land to be taken is held under lease, the fair and reasonable value of the interest of the state as trustee for the public schools in said land so taken shall be ascertained as is provided in section 72-224.03; Provided, if the condemner desiring to acquire such land from the board is unable to adjust the value of the improvements and any damage thereto, and the damage otherwise arising to the holder of the lease by the condemnation of his interest in the lease, if any, with the holder of the lease, the proceedings to ascertain such damage, if any, and to acquire the interest of the holder of the lease shall be had as is provided in section 72-224.03. The value of the improvements taken, the damage thereto, and any other damage to the holder of the lease, as above provided, shall be paid to the owner of the lease.


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