Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1311

Chapter 39


State highway system; department; maintain current map; contents; corridor location; map; notice; beltway; duties.

(1) The department at all times shall maintain a current map of the state, which shall show all the roads, highways, and connecting links which have been designated, located, created, or constituted as part of the state highway system, including all corridors. All changes in designation or location of highways constituting the state highway system, or additions thereto, shall be indicated upon the map. The department shall also maintain six separate and additional maps. These maps shall include (a) the roads, highways, and streets designated as federal-aid primary roads as of March 27, 1972, (b) the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, (c) the roads designated as the federal-aid primary system as it existed on June 1, 1991, (d) the National Highway System, (e) the Highway Beautification Control System as defined in section 39-201.01, and (f) scenic byways as defined in section 39-201.01. The National Highway System is the system designated as such under the federal Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act. The maps shall be available at all times for public inspection at the offices of the Director-State Engineer and shall be filed with the Legislature of the State of Nebraska each biennium.

(2) Whenever the department has received a corridor location approval for a proposed state highway or proposed beltway to be located in any county or municipality, it shall prepare a map of such corridor sufficient to show the location of such corridor on each parcel of land to be traversed. If the county or municipality in which such corridor is located does not have a requirement for the review and approval of a preliminary subdivision plat or a requirement that a building permit be obtained prior to commencement of a structure, the department shall send notice of the approval of such corridor by certified mail to the owner of each parcel traversed by the corridor at the address shown for such owner on the county tax records. Such notice shall advise the owner of the requirement of sections 39-1311 to 39-1311.05 for preliminary subdivision plats and for building permits.

(3) For any beltway proposed under sections 39-1311 to 39-1311.05, the duties of the department shall be assumed by the county or municipality that received approval for the beltway project.