Nebraska Revised Statute 38-711

Chapter 38


Certified registered nurse anesthetist; performance of duties.

(1) The determination and administration of total anesthesia care shall be performed by the certified registered nurse anesthetist or a nurse anesthetist temporarily licensed pursuant to section 38-708 in consultation and collaboration with and with the consent of the licensed practitioner.

(2) The following duties and functions shall be considered as specific expanded role functions of the certified registered nurse anesthetist:

(a) Preanesthesia evaluation including physiological studies to determine proper anesthetic management and obtaining informed consent;

(b) Selection and application of appropriate monitoring devices;

(c) Selection and administration of anesthetic techniques;

(d) Evaluation and direction of proper postanesthesia management and dismissal from postanesthesia care;

(e) Evaluation and recording of postanesthesia course of patients; and

(f) Use of fluoroscopy in conjunction with a licensed medical radiographer in connection with the performance of authorized duties and functions upon (i) the successful completion of appropriate education and training as approved jointly by the department and the board and promulgated by the department in rules and regulations pursuant to section 71-3508 and (ii) a determination regarding the scope and supervision of such use consistent with subsection (3) of this section.

(3) The determination of other duties that are normally considered medically delegated duties to the certified registered nurse anesthetist or to a nurse anesthetist temporarily licensed pursuant to section 38-708 shall be the joint responsibility of the governing board of the hospital, medical staff, and nurse anesthetist personnel of any duly licensed hospital or, if in an office or clinic, the joint responsibility of the duly licensed practitioner and nurse anesthetist. All such duties, except in cases of emergency, shall be in writing in the form prescribed by hospital or office policy.