Nebraska Revised Statute 38-706

Chapter 38


Practice of anesthesia, defined; activities not subject to act.

(1) Practice of anesthesia means (a) the performance of or the assistance in any act involving the determination, preparation, administration, or monitoring of any drug used to render an individual insensible to pain for procedures requiring the presence of persons educated in the administration of anesthetics or (b) the performance of any act commonly the responsibility of educated anesthesia personnel. Practice of anesthesia includes the use of those techniques which are deemed necessary for adequacy in performance of anesthesia administration.

(2) Nothing in the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Practice Act prohibits (a) routine administration of a drug by a duly licensed registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or other duly authorized person for the alleviation of pain or (b) the practice of anesthesia by students enrolled in an accredited school of nurse anesthesia when the services performed are a part of the course of study and are under the supervision of a licensed practitioner or certified registered nurse anesthetist.