Nebraska Revised Statute 38-3214

Chapter 38 Section 3214


Respiratory care service; requirements.

Any health care facility or home care agency providing inpatient or outpatient respiratory care service shall designate a medical director, who shall be a licensed physician who has special interest and knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory problems. Such physician shall (1) be an active medical staff member of a licensed health care facility, (2) whenever possible be qualified by special training or experience in the management of acute and chronic respiratory disorders, and (3) be competent to monitor and assess the quality, safety, and appropriateness of the respiratory care services which are being provided. The medical director shall be accessible to and assure the competency of respiratory care practitioners and shall require that respiratory care be ordered by a licensed physician, a licensed physician assistant, a nurse practitioner as defined in section 38-2312, or a certified registered nurse anesthetist as defined in section 38-704, who has medical responsibility for any patient that needs such care.