Nebraska Revised Statute 38-315

Chapter 38


Practical training supervisor; requirements; duties.

(1)(a) The practical training supervisor for supervised practical training required under section 38-314 shall hold one of the following credentials:

(i) Licensure as an alcohol and drug counselor;

(ii) If the practical training is acquired outside of Nebraska, a reciprocity level alcohol and drug counselor credential issued by a member jurisdiction of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, Inc., or its successor; or

(iii) Licensure as a physician or psychologist under the Uniform Credentialing Act, or an equivalent credential from another jurisdiction, and sufficient training as determined by the Board of Medicine and Surgery for physicians or the Board of Psychologists for psychologists, in consultation with the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counseling, and adopted and promulgated by the department in rules and regulations.

(b) The practical training supervisor shall not be a family member.

(c) The credential requirement of this subsection applies to the work setting supervisor and not to a practicum coordinator or instructor of a postsecondary educational institution.

(2) The practical training supervisor shall assume responsibility for the performance of the individual in training and shall be onsite at the work setting when core function activities are performed by the individual in training. A minimum of one hour of evaluative face-to-face supervision for each ten hours of core function performance shall be documented. Supervisory methods shall include, as a minimum, individual supervisory sessions, formal case staffings, and conjoint, cotherapy sessions. Supervision shall be directed towards teaching the knowledge and skills of professional alcohol and drug counseling.