Nebraska Revised Statute 38-3012

Chapter 38


Employee of licensed podiatrist; radiography practices; requirements.

(1) A person employed exclusively in the office or clinic of a licensed podiatrist shall not perform any of the functions described in section 38-1916 as a part of such employment unless the person is (a) licensed as a limited radiographer under the Medical Radiography Practice Act or (b) certified as provided in this section.

(2) The department, with the recommendation of the board, may certify a person to perform medical radiography on the anatomical regions of the ankle and foot if such person (a) has completed a fifteen-hour course of instruction, approved by the board, on radiation hygiene and podiatric radiological practices, including radiation health and safety, lower extremity anatomy, physics, concepts, physiology, techniques, positioning, equipment maintenance, and minimization of radiation exposure, and (b) passed a competency examination approved by the board. A person who has not passed the competency examination after three attempts shall successfully complete a remedial course of instruction in medical radiography, approved by the board, prior to any further attempts to pass the competency examination.

Cross References

  • Medical Radiography Practice Act, see section 38-1901.