Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2894

Chapter 38


Pharmacy technician; registration; disciplinary measures; procedure; Licensee Assistance Program; participation.

(1) A registration to practice as a pharmacy technician may be denied, refused renewal, removed, or suspended or have other disciplinary measures taken against it by the department, with the recommendation of the board, for failure to meet the requirements of or for violation of any of the provisions of subdivisions (1) through (18) and (20) through (26) of section 38-178 and sections 38-2890 to 38-2897 or the rules and regulations adopted under such sections.

(2) If the department proposes to deny, refuse renewal of, or remove or suspend a registration, it shall send the applicant or registrant a notice setting forth the action to be taken and the reasons for the determination. The denial, refusal to renew, removal, or suspension shall become final thirty days after mailing the notice unless the applicant or registrant gives written notice to the department of his or her desire for an informal conference or for a formal hearing.

(3) Notice may be served by any method specified in section 25-505.01, or the department may permit substitute or constructive service as provided in section 25-517.02 when service cannot be made with reasonable diligence by any of the methods specified in section 25-505.01.

(4) Pharmacy technicians may participate in the Licensee Assistance Program described in section 38-175.