Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2897

Chapter 38


Duty to report impaired practitioner; immunity.

(1) The requirement to file a report under subsection (1) of section 38-1,125 shall not apply to pharmacist interns or pharmacy technicians, except that a pharmacy technician shall, within thirty days after having first-hand knowledge of facts giving him or her reason to believe that any person in his or her profession, or any person in another profession under the regulatory provisions of the department, may be practicing while his or her ability to practice is impaired by alcohol, controlled substances, or narcotic drugs, report to the department in such manner and form as the department may require. A report made to the department under this section shall be confidential. The identity of any person making such report or providing information leading to the making of such report shall be confidential.

(2) A pharmacy technician making a report to the department under this section, except for self-reporting, shall be completely immune from criminal or civil liability of any nature, whether direct or derivative, for filing a report or for disclosure of documents, records, or other information to the department under this section. The immunity granted under this section shall not apply to any person causing damage or injury by his or her willful, wanton, or grossly negligent act of commission or omission.

(3) A report submitted by a professional liability insurance company on behalf of a credential holder within the thirty-day period prescribed in this section shall be sufficient to satisfy the credential holder's reporting requirement under this section.

(4) Persons who are members of committees established under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act, the Patient Safety Improvement Act, or section 25-12,123 or witnesses before such committees shall not be required to report under this section. Any person who is a witness before such a committee shall not be excused from reporting matters of first-hand knowledge that would otherwise be reportable under this section only because he or she attended or testified before such committee.

(5) Documents from original sources shall not be construed as immune from discovery or use in actions under this section.


Cross References

  • Health Care Quality Improvement Act, see section 71-7904.
  • Patient Safety Improvement Act, see section 71-8701.