Nebraska Revised Statute 38-2118

Chapter 38


Professional counseling, defined.

Professional counseling means the assessment and treatment of mental and emotional disorders within the context of professional counseling theory and practice of individuals, couples, families, or groups and includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Assisting individuals or groups through the counseling relationship to develop understanding, define goals, plan action, and change behavior with the goal of reflecting interests, abilities, aptitudes, and needs as they are related to personal and social concerns, educational progress, and occupations;

(2) Appraisal activities which shall mean selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting instruments designed to assess a person's aptitudes, attitudes, abilities, achievements, interests, and personal characteristics, except that nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to authorize a certified professional counselor to engage in the practice of clinical psychology as defined in section 38-3111;

(3) Referral activities which evaluate data to identify which persons or groups may better be served by other specialists;

(4) Research activities which shall mean reporting, designing, conducting, or consulting on research in counseling with human subjects;

(5) Therapeutic, vocational, or personal rehabilitation in relationship to adapting to physical, emotional, or intellectual disability; and

(6) Consulting on any activity listed in this section.