Nebraska Revised Statute 38-142

Chapter 38


Credential; expiration date; renewal; reinstatement; inactive status.

(1) The credential to practice a profession shall be renewed biennially upon request of the credentialed person and upon documentation of continuing competency pursuant to sections 38-145 and 38-146. The renewals provided for in this section shall be accomplished in such manner and on such date as the department, with the recommendation of the appropriate board, may establish.

The request for renewal shall include all information required by the department and shall be accompanied by the renewal fee. Such fee shall be paid not later than the date of the expiration of such credential, except that persons actively engaged in the military service of the United States, as defined in the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 501 et seq., as the act existed on January 1, 2007, shall not be required to pay the renewal fee.

(2) At least thirty days before the expiration of a credential, the department shall notify each credentialed person at his or her last address of record. If a credentialed person fails to notify the department of his or her desire to have his or her credential placed on inactive status upon its expiration, fails to meet the requirements for renewal on or before the date of expiration of his or her credential, or otherwise fails to renew his or her credential, it shall expire. When a person's credential expires, the right to represent himself or herself as a credentialed person and to practice the profession in which a credential is required shall terminate. Any credentialed person who fails to renew the credential by the expiration date and desires to resume practice of the profession shall apply to the department for reinstatement of the credential.

(3) When a person credentialed pursuant to the Uniform Credentialing Act desires to have his or her credential placed on inactive status, he or she shall notify the department of such desire in writing. The department shall notify the credentialed person in writing of the acceptance or denial of the request to allow the credential to be placed on inactive status. When the credential is placed on inactive status, the credentialed person shall not engage in the practice of such profession, but he or she may represent himself or herself as having an inactive credential. A credential may remain on inactive status for an indefinite period of time.