Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1218

Chapter 38


Curricula for licensure classification; board; powers; military spouse; temporary license.

(1) The board may approve curricula for the licensure classifications listed in the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act.

(2) The department and the board shall consider the following factors, in addition to other factors required or permitted by the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act, when adopting rules and regulations for a licensure classification:

(a) Whether the initial training required for licensure in the classification is sufficient to enable the emergency care provider to perform the practices and procedures authorized for the classification in a manner which is beneficial to the patient and protects public health and safety;

(b) Whether the practices and procedures to be authorized are necessary to the efficient and effective delivery of emergency medical care;

(c) Whether morbidity can be reduced or recovery enhanced by the use of the practices and procedures to be authorized for the classification; and

(d) Whether continuing competency requirements are sufficient to maintain the skills authorized for the classification.

(3) An applicant for licensure for a licensure classification listed in subdivision (1) of section 38-1217 who is a military spouse may apply for a temporary license as provided in section 38-129.01.