Nebraska Revised Statute 37-414

Chapter 37


Bow hunter education program; certificate; issuance; hunting, lawful; when.

(1) The commission shall establish and administer a bow hunter education program providing instruction in the safe use of bow hunting equipment, the fundamentals of bow hunting, shooting and hunting techniques, game identification, conservation management, and hunter ethics. When establishing such a program, the commission shall locate and train volunteers as bow hunter education instructors. The commission shall issue a certificate of successful completion to any person who satisfactorily completes a bow hunter education program accredited by the commission and shall print, purchase, or otherwise acquire materials necessary for effective program operation. The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for carrying out and administering such program.

(2) A person twelve through twenty-nine years of age who is hunting antelope, deer, elk, or mountain sheep with a bow and arrow or crossbow pursuant to any provision of sections 37-447 to 37-453 shall (a) have on his or her person proof of successful completion of a bow hunter education course issued by his or her state or province of residence or by an accredited program recognized by the commission, (b) have on his or her person the appropriate hunting permit and an apprentice hunter education exemption certificate issued by the commission pursuant to subsection (3) of section 37-413 and be accompanied as described in subsection (4) of section 37-413, or (c) hold the appropriate hunting permit and a license-purchase exemption certificate issued pursuant to section 37-404.01 if required pursuant to such section.