Nebraska Revised Statute 32-561

Chapter 32


Elective officer; military or naval service; no vacancy; exception; acting officer; appointment; powers; compensation.

(1) The acceptance of a commission to any military or naval office or the enlistment in or induction into the military or naval service of the United States which may require an incumbent in an elective office, except the office of member of the Legislature, to exercise military or naval duties within or without the state for any period of time within the term for which such person has been elected or appointed shall not create a vacancy of such office. While the incumbent exercises such military or naval duties within or without this state, he or she shall not be (a) entitled to receive any compensation, perquisites, or emoluments of the elective office, (b) required to keep and maintain an official bond or equivalent commercial insurance policy in force, or (c) responsible for the acts and defalcations of an acting officer duly appointed and qualified to take the place of the incumbent in such office during the time the incumbent is in such military or naval office or is inducted into or enlists in the military or naval service.

(2) If the incumbent accepts a commission to any military or naval office or enlists in or is inducted into the military or naval service of the United States, the county board, the governing body of the city, village, or other political subdivision, or the Governor or other appointive power, officer, or agency of the state in or under which such incumbent holds office may appoint an acting officer for such office for the period during which the elected or appointed incumbent will be absent by reason of the exercise of such military or naval duties or during the period of the term for which the incumbent has been elected or appointed. The acting officer so appointed shall qualify for such office in the manner provided by law and shall, during the time of such service as such acting officer, be entitled to all the compensation, perquisites, and emoluments of such office, including the power to appoint a deputy in the manner provided by law.



  • Elected county officials are required to give individual official bonds. Blanket bond is not sufficient. Foote v. County of Adams, 163 Neb. 406, 80 N.W.2d 179 (1956).

  • This provision preserves office for the holder thereof engaged in military service upon his return under certain conditions. State ex rel. Johnson v. Chase, 147 Neb. 758, 25 N.W.2d 1 (1946).

  • Action of acting county attorney could not be collaterally attacked. Canada v. Jones, 170 F.2d 606 (8th Cir. 1948).