Nebraska Revised Statute 31-359

Chapter 31 Section 359


Subdistricts; creation by mutual agreement, district court action; procedure.

If any person who owns land within the drainage district which has been assessed for benefits, and which is separated from the ditch, drain or watercourse for which it has been assessed, by the land of another or others, shall desire to ditch or drain his land across the land of such other or others into such ditch, drain or watercourse, and shall be unable to agree with such other or others on the terms and conditions on which he may enter upon their lands and construct such drains or ditch, he may proceed in the manner herein provided, and the ditch or drain which he shall construct or cause to be constructed shall be considered to be conducive to the public health, welfare, convenience and utility to promote which the drainage district was established. He may file his petition with the clerk of the district court asking the court to establish a subdistrict within the limits of the original district for the purpose of securing more complete drainage, describing the lands to be affected thereby by metes and bounds, or otherwise, so as to convey an intelligent description of such lands; and all proceedings shall be the same as herein provided for the establishment, formation and construction of original districts and improvement thereof, including the assessment of damages, and the assessment of benefits. When established and constructed, it shall become and be a part of the drainage system of such drainage district, and be under the control and supervision of the board of supervisors.


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