Nebraska Revised Statute 3-409

Chapter 3


Structure; violations; injunction; removal.

In addition to the penalties provided for by section 3-408, the erection and maintenance of any structure in violation of sections 3-401 to 3-409 may be enjoined by any court of competent jurisdiction in an action for that purpose commenced by the Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation or any other interested person. The erection of such structure and permitting the same to stand or remain, in violation of sections 3-401 to 3-409, is hereby declared to be a nuisance and the division, or its authorized agent, is authorized to go upon the premises and abate such nuisance by removing such structure after five days' notice to the interested parties, to be served by mail addressed to them at their last-known place of business or residence. The expense incident to the removal of such structure shall be paid by the owners thereof, and if the division removes such structures as provided in this section, the expense incurred by the division may be recovered from the sale of the structure or its salvage material.