Nebraska Revised Statute 3-128

Chapter 3 Section 128


Division; regulation of airports.

In order to safeguard and promote the general public interest and safety, the safety of persons using or traveling in aircraft and of persons and property on the ground, and the interest of aeronautical progress requiring that airports, restricted landing areas, and air navigation facilities be suitable for the purposes for which they are designed and to carry out the purposes of the State Aeronautics Act, the division may: Recommend airport and restricted landing area sites; license airports, restricted landing areas, or other air navigation facilities; and provide for the renewal and revocation of such licenses in accordance with rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the division.



  • A county should not be able to thwart the strong interest of the state in the promotion of aviation through the medium of its zoning authority. Seward County Board of Commissioners v. City of Seward, 196 Neb. 266, 242 N.W.2d 849 (1976).