Nebraska Revised Statute 3-127

Chapter 3


Director; duties.

The director shall (1) administer the State Aeronautics Act, the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under the act, orders established under the act, and all other laws of the state relative to aeronautics, (2) attend and serve as secretary, but not vote, at all meetings of the commission, (3) appoint, subject to section 3-104, such experts, field and office assistants, clerks, and other employees as may be required and authorized for the proper discharge of the functions of the division and for whose services funds have been appropriated, (4) be in charge of the offices of the division and responsible for the preparation of reports and collection and dissemination of data and other public information relating to aeronautics, and (5) execute all contracts entered into by the division which are legally authorized and for which funds are appropriated.