Nebraska Revised Statute 28-463

Chapter 28


Cannabidiol; terms, defined; legislative findings.

(1) For purposes of sections 28-463 to 28-468:

(a) Cannabidiol means processed cannabis plant extract, oil, or resin that contains more than ten percent cannabidiol by weight, but not more than three-tenths of one percent tetrahydrocannabinols by weight, and delivered in the form of a liquid or solid dosage form; and

(b) Intractable seizures means intractable, catastrophic genetic, or metabolic epilepsies; Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome; epilepsies consisting of drop seizures at risk for significant bodily injury; or cluster seizures that result in significant life-threatening apnea after the trial and failure of at least three antiepileptic therapies that directly address the epilepsy in question.

(2) The Legislature finds:

(a) There are individuals in Nebraska who suffer from intractable seizures and treatment resistant seizures for which currently available treatment options have been ineffective. Cannabidiol shows promise in treating individuals with intractable seizures and treatment resistant seizures; and

(b) Additional study of cannabidiol for the treatment of intractable seizures and treatment resistant seizures should be undertaken.

(3) The purpose of sections 28-463 to 28-468 is to permit medical professionals to conduct limited-scope, evidence-based studies exploring the safety and efficacy of treating intractable seizures and treatment resistant seizures using cannabidiol.