Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1012.01

Chapter 25


Garnishment; public officers and employees.

All provisions, including provisions for a continuing lien prescribed in section 25-1056, requirements, conditions, and exemptions of the garnishment laws of the State of Nebraska shall apply to all state, county, municipal, municipally owned corporation, township, and school district officers and employees to the same extent and effect as such laws apply under the existing statutes of the State of Nebraska to officers and employees of private corporations. Consent is hereby given for garnishment proceedings against the State of Nebraska and against all counties, townships, municipal corporations, municipally owned corporations, and school districts in the same manner and under the same procedure as is now provided by law for bringing such suits and proceedings against corporations and individuals. This section shall apply only in case it is sought to hold and apply the earnings of such officers and employees, which earnings have been earned or are to be earned by personal services rendered to the state or to any county, township, municipal corporation, municipally owned corporation, or school district.


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