Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1012.02

Chapter 25 Section 1012.02


Garnishment; public officers and employees; procedure; process; answer.

Such proceedings may be brought against the State of Nebraska or any county, township, municipal corporation, municipally owned corporation, or school district as garnishee defendant, and process shall be served in the manner provided for service of a summons in a civil action, except that certified mail service may not be used. It shall be the duty of the garnishee defendant to answer any garnishment summons served under the provisions of this section and section 25-1012.01 in the same manner as is now provided by law for the answer of corporations, and such defendant shall abide the order of the court issuing the garnishment, with regard to paying into court any amount ordered, not in excess of the amount earned by the officer or employee garnished, to the date of the answer. Such defendant may submit a written answer by United States mail to the clerk of the court issuing the summons. Such answer in garnishment shall in addition to any other matters stated therein state the amount of money due the officer or employee whose earnings are sought to be held to the answer day as shown in such summons, but shall not include the amount of any check or warrant which has been drawn and signed at the time of the service of garnishment summons.


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