Nebraska Revised Statute 23-187

Chapter 23


Subjects regulated; power to enforce.

(1) In addition to the powers granted by section 23-104, a county may, in the manner specified by sections 23-187 to 23-193, regulate the following subjects by ordinance:

(a) Parking of motor vehicles on public roads, highways, and rights-of-way as it pertains to snow removal for and access by emergency vehicles to areas within the county;

(b) Motor vehicles as defined in section 60-339 that are abandoned on public or private property;

(c) Low-speed vehicles as described and operated pursuant to section 60-6,380;

(d) Golf car vehicles as described and operated pursuant to section 60-6,381;

(e) Graffiti on public or private property;

(f) False alarms from electronic security systems that result in requests for emergency response from law enforcement or other emergency responders;

(g) Violation of the public peace and good order of the county by disorderly conduct, lewd or lascivious behavior, or public nudity;

(h) Peddlers, hawkers, or solicitors operating for commercial purposes. If a county adopts an ordinance under this subdivision, the ordinance shall provide for registration of any such peddler, hawker, or solicitor without any fee and allow the operation or conduct of any registered peddler, hawker, or solicitor in all areas of the county where the county has jurisdiction and where a city or village has not otherwise regulated such operation or conduct; and

(i) Operation of vehicles on any highway or restrictions on the weight of vehicles pursuant to section 60-681.

(2) For the enforcement of any ordinance authorized by this section, a county may impose fines, forfeitures, or penalties and provide for the recovery, collection, and enforcement of such fines, forfeitures, or penalties. A county may also authorize such other measures for the enforcement of ordinances as may be necessary and proper. A fine enacted pursuant to this section shall not exceed five hundred dollars for each offense.