Nebraska Revised Statute 23-1302

Chapter 23


County clerk; duties.

It shall be the general duty of the county clerk:

(1) To record in a book provided for that purpose all proceedings of the board. If the county clerk or his or her deputy is unable to be present for any proceeding of the board, the county clerk may appoint a designee to record such proceedings;

(2) To make regular entries of its resolutions and decisions in all questions concerning the raising of money;

(3) To countersign all warrants issued by the board and signed by its chairperson;

(4) To preserve and file all accounts acted upon by the board, with its action thereon, and perform such special duties as are required by law. Such special duties do not include budget-making duties performed under section 23-906. In a county having a county comptroller, all accounts acted upon by the board shall remain on file in the office of such comptroller; and the county clerk shall certify to the county treasurer as of June 30 and December 31 of each year the total amount of unpaid claims of the county; and

(5) To prepare and file with the county board the annual inventory statement of county personal property in his or her custody and possession, and to perform the duties enjoined upon him or her by sections 23-346 to 23-350.


Cross References

  • Distribute political accountability and disclosure forms, see section 49-14,139.


  • Failure by a public governing body, as defined under section 84-1409, R.R.S.1943, to take and record a roll call vote on an action, as required by section 84-1413(2), R.S.Supp.,1980, grants any citizen the right to sue for the purpose of having the action declared void. In this case such failure could not be later corrected by a nunc pro tunc order because there was no showing that a roll call vote on the disputed action was actually taken, and even if it was the record showed it was not recorded until over a year later. Sections 23-1301, R.R.S.1943, and 23-1302, R.R.S.1943, make it the duty of the county clerk to record proceedings of the board of county commissioners. State ex rel. Schuler v. Dunbar, 208 Neb. 69, 302 N.W.2d 674 (1981).

  • County clerk may be required by law to perform special duties, such as issuance of certificates of title in connection with motor vehicle registration, and the fees earned belong to the county. Hoctor v. State, 141 Neb. 329, 3 N.W.2d 558 (1942).