Nebraska Revised Statute 23-906

Chapter 23


Budget-making authority, how constituted; budget, when prepared; contents; notice of hearing.

In each county the finance committee of the county board shall constitute the budget-making authority unless the board, in its discretion, designates or appoints one of its own members or the county comptroller, the county manager, or other qualified person as the budget-making authority. If he or she will accept the appointment, another county official may be appointed as the budget-making authority. For the performance of this additional responsibility, the county official accepting the appointment may receive such additional salary as fixed by the county board.

On or before August 1, the budget-making authority shall prepare a county budget document, in the form required by sections 23-904 and 23-905, for the fiscal year and transmit the document to the county board.

A summary of the budget, in the form required by section 23-905, showing for each fund (1) the requirements, (2) the outstanding warrants, (3) the operating reserve to be maintained, (4) the cash on hand at the close of the preceding fiscal year, (5) the revenue from sources other than taxation, (6) the amount to be raised by taxation, and (7) the amount raised by taxation in the preceding fiscal year, together with a notice of a public hearing to be had with respect to the budget before the county board, shall be published once at least four calendar days prior to the date of hearing in some legal newspaper published and of general circulation in the county or, if no such legal newspaper is published, in some legal newspaper of general circulation in the county. For purposes of such notice, the four calendar days shall include the day of publication but not the day of hearing.