Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4016

Chapter 2


Purchaser; deduct fee; maintain records; public inspection; quarterly statement.

(1) The purchaser, at the time of settlement, shall deduct the grain sorghum fee and shall maintain the necessary record of the fee for each purchase of grain sorghum on the grain settlement form or check stub showing payment to the grower for each purchase. Such records maintained by the purchaser shall provide the following information: (a) Name and address of the grower and seller; (b) the date of the purchase; (c) the number of hundredweights of grain sorghum sold; and (d) the amount of fees collected on each purchase. Such records shall be open for inspection during normal business hours observed by the purchaser.

(2) The purchaser shall render and have on file with the board by the last day of each January, April, July, and October, on forms prescribed by the board, a statement of the number of hundredweights of grain sorghum purchased in Nebraska during the preceding quarter. At the time the statement is filed, the purchaser shall pay and remit to the board the fee as provided for in section 2-4012.


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  • Laws 1983, LB 535, § 3.