Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4012

Chapter 2


Sale of grain sorghum; fee; adjustment.

(1) After August 31, 1981, there shall be paid to the board a fee of not to exceed one cent per hundredweight upon all grain sorghum sold through commercial channels in the State of Nebraska or delivered in the State of Nebraska. The fee shall be paid by the grower at the time of sale or delivery and shall be collected by the first purchaser. Under the provisions of the Grain Sorghum Resources Act, no grain sorghum shall be subject to the fee more than once.

(2) The board may, whenever it shall determine that the fees provided by this section are yielding more than is required to carry out the intent and purposes of the Grain Sorghum Resources Act, reduce such fees for such period as it shall deem justified, but not less than one year. If the board, after reducing such fees, finds that sufficient revenue is not being produced by such reduced fees, it may restore in full or in part such fees not to exceed the amount authorized by subsection (1) of this section.


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