Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4017

Chapter 2


Board; annual report; contents.

The board shall make and publish an annual report on or before January 1 of each year, which report shall set forth in detail the income received from the grain sorghum assessment for the previous year and shall include:

(1) The expenditure of all funds by the board during the previous year for the administration of sections 2-4001 to 2-4020;

(2) The action taken by the board on all contracts requiring the expenditure of funds by the board;

(3) Copies of all such contracts;

(4) A detailed explanation of all programs relating to the discovery, promotion, and development of markets and industries for the utilization of grain sorghum, the direct expense associated with each program, and copies of such programs if in writing; and

(5) The name and address of each member of the board and a copy of all rules and regulations promulgated by the board.

Such report shall be available to the public upon request.


  • Laws 1981, LB 11, § 17.