Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1608

Chapter 2


Joint county extension organizations; employees; retirement system; organizations; duties.

Whenever two or more county extension organizations have united as provided in section 2-1607 for the purpose of support and management of extension work, county extension employees jointly employed by the participating extension organizations shall be considered persons employed by a county for the purpose of subdivision (10) of section 23-2301 and shall participate in the Retirement System for Nebraska Counties under the County Employees Retirement Act. To accomplish such participation, the participating county extension organizations shall (1) pick up employee contributions as salary deductions on behalf of such county extension employees in the manner required for a county in section 23-2307 and (2) pay to the Public Employees Retirement Board or an entity designated by the board an amount in accordance with the provisions of section 23-2308. In all other respects the participation of such county extension employees in the retirement system shall be in accordance with the act.


Cross References

  • County Employees Retirement Act, see section 23-2331.