Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1607

Chapter 2


County extension work; counties may join; joint board; duties.

(1) Whenever two or more counties which have complied with the provisions of sections 2-1601 to 2-1608 desire to unite for the purpose of continuance, support, and management of extension work, they may do so. The participating county organizations shall form a joint board to direct combined extension work in the participating counties and annually select a president and a secretary. The joint board shall each year establish a combined annual budget for such extension work, and each participating county shall pay its proportionate share of expenses under each combined annual budget as such share of expenses shall be determined by the joint board, except that the share of annual expenses to be paid by a participating county shall not exceed the maximum annual extension budget authorized for it under section 2-1604. The participating counties shall be recognized as but one organization for state and federal aid.

(2) The president and secretary of the joint board shall on or before January 1 of each year file with the county clerk of each participating county (a) a report of the combined extension work of the participating counties for the preceding year, (b) a sworn statement of itemized expenditures under sections 2-1601 to 2-1608 during the preceding year, and (c) the extension budget for each participating county which shall be the amount to be set aside in the general fund of each participating county to pay its proportionate share of the expenses of the combined extension work during the ensuing year.


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