Nebraska Revised Statute 23-2308

Chapter 23


County Employees Retirement Fund; created; investment; system; county clerk; payment; fees; accounting of funds.

(1) The County Employees Retirement Fund is created. The fund shall be administered by the board and shall consist of contributions and other such sums as provided in section 23-2302. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

(2) The county clerk shall pay to the board or an entity designated by the board an amount equal to two hundred fifty percent of the amounts deducted from the compensation of employees in accordance with the provisions of section 23-2307, which two hundred fifty percent equals the employees' contributions plus the county's contributions of one hundred fifty percent of the employees' contributions.

(3) The board may charge the county an administrative processing fee of twenty-five dollars if the reports of necessary information or payments made pursuant to this section are received later than the date on which the board requires that such information or money should be received. In addition, the board may charge the county a late fee of thirty-eight thousandths of one percent of the amount required to be submitted pursuant to this section for each day such amount has not been received or in an amount equal to the amount of any costs incurred by the member due to the late receipt of contributions, whichever is greater. The late fee may be used to make a member's account whole for any costs that may have been incurred by the member due to the late receipt of contributions.

(4) The Department of Administrative Services may, for accounting purposes, create subfunds of the County Employees Retirement Fund to separately account for defined contribution plan assets and cash balance plan assets.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Capital Expansion Act, see section 72-1269.
  • Nebraska State Funds Investment Act, see section 72-1260.