Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1595

Chapter 2


Application for a grant, loan, or acquisition; agreement; provisions; successor in interest; lien; filing; foreclosure.

(1) If after review of the recommendation by the director the commission determines that an application for a grant, loan, acquisition of an interest, or combination thereof pursuant to sections 2-1586 to 2-1595 is satisfactory and qualified to be approved, before the final approval of such application may be given and the funds allocated, the department shall enter into an agreement in the name of the state with the applicant agency or organization and with any other organizations it deems to be involved in the program or project to which funds shall be applied. The department shall also enter into such agreements as are appropriate before allocation of any funds for the acquisition of interest in any qualified project when such acquisition is initiated by the department itself pursuant to section 2-1590. All agreements entered into pursuant to this section shall include, but not be limited to, a specification of the amount of funds involved, whether the funds are considered as a grant, loan, or for the acquisition of an interest in the name of the state, and, if a combination of these is involved, the amount of funds allocated to each category, the specific purpose for which the allocation is made, the terms of administration of the allocated funds, and any penalties to be imposed upon the applicant organization should it fail to apply or repay the funds in accordance with the agreement.

(2) If the allocation to be approved is a loan, the department and the applicant or applicants shall include in the agreement provisions for repayment to the Nebraska Resources Development Fund of money loaned together with any interest at reasonable rates as established by the commission. The agreement shall further provide that repayment of the loan together with any interest thereon shall commence no later than one full year after construction of the project is completed and that repayment shall be completed within the time period specified by the commission. The repayment period shall not exceed fifty years, except that the commission may extend the time for making repayment in the event of extreme emergency or hardship. Such agreement shall also provide for such assurances of and security for repayment of the loan as shall be considered necessary by the department.

(3) With the express approval of the commission, an applicant may convey its interest in a project to a successor. The department shall contract with the qualified successor in interest of the original obligor for repayment of the loan together with any interest thereon and for succession to its rights and obligations in any contract with the department.

(4) The state shall have a lien upon a project constructed, improved, or renovated with money from the fund for the amount of the loan together with any interest thereon. This lien shall attach to all project facilities, equipment, easements, real property, and property of any kind or nature in which the loan recipient has an interest and which is associated with the project. The department shall file a statement of the lien, its amount, terms, and a description of the project with the county register of deeds of each county in which the project or any part thereof is located. The county register of deeds shall record the lien and it shall be indexed as other liens are required by law to be indexed. The lien shall be valid until paid in full or otherwise discharged. The lien shall be foreclosed in accordance with applicable state law governing foreclosure of mortgages and liens. Any lien provided for by this section may be subordinate to that which secures federal assistance or other secured assistance received on the same project.


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