Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1594

Chapter 2


Program or project; costs or acquisition of interest; approval.

The director may recommend approval of and the commission may approve grants or loans for program or project costs or acquisition of interests in projects if after investigation and evaluation the director finds that:

(1) The plan does not conflict with any existing Nebraska state land plan;

(2) The proposed program or project is economically and financially feasible based upon standards adopted by the commission pursuant to sections 2-1586 to 2-1595;

(3) The plan for development of the proposed program or project is satisfactory;

(4) The plan of development minimizes any adverse impacts on the natural environment;

(5) The applicant is qualified, responsible, and legally capable of carrying out the program or project;

(6) In the case of a loan, the borrower has demonstrated the ability to repay the loan and there is assurance of adequate operation, maintenance, and replacement during the repayment life of the project;

(7) The plan considers other plans and programs of the state in accordance with section 84-135 and resources development plans of the political subdivisions of the state; and

(8) The money required from the Nebraska Resources Development Fund is available.

The director and staff of the department shall carry out their powers and duties under sections 2-1586 to 2-1595 independently of and without prejudice to their powers and duties under other provisions of law.