Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1593

Chapter 2


Program or project; funding; review; approve or reject; procedure.

Each program or project for which funding is requested, whether such request has as its origin an application or the action of the department itself, shall be reviewed as provided in sections 2-1586 to 2-1595 by the director prior to the approval of any allocation for such program or project by the commission. The director shall within a reasonable time, not to exceed six months, after receipt of such request report to the commission the results of his or her review and shall recommend approval or rejection of funding for the program or project. The director shall indicate what form of allocation he or she deems to be appropriate. In the case of an approved application recommended for a loan, the commission shall indicate the appropriate repayment period and the rate of interest. The commission shall act in accordance with such recommendations unless action to the contrary is approved by each commission member eligible to vote on the specific recommendation under consideration. No member of the commission shall be eligible to participate in the action of the commission concerning an application for funding to any entity in which such commission member has any interest. The director may be delegated additional responsibilities consistent with the purposes of sections 2-1586 to 2-1595. It shall be the sole responsibility of the commission to determine the priority in which funds are allocated for eligible programs and projects under sections 2-1586 to 2-1595.