Nebraska Revised Statute 19-912.01

Chapter 19 Section 912.01


Zoning board of adjustment of a county; serve municipalities, when; board of zoning appeals.

The zoning board of adjustment of a county that has adopted a comprehensive development plan, as defined by section 23-114.02, and is enforcing zoning regulations based upon such a plan, shall, upon request of the governing body of a village or second-class city, serve as the zoning board of adjustment for such village or city of the second class in that county. A city of the first class may request that the county zoning board of adjustment of the county in which it is located serve as that city's zoning board of adjustment, and such county government shall comply with that request within ninety days. A municipality located in more than one county shall be served by request or otherwise only by the county zoning board of adjustment of the county in which the greatest area of the municipality is located, and the jurisdiction of such county zoning board of adjustment shall include all portions of the municipality and its area of extraterritorial control, regardless of county lines. In a county where there is a city of the primary class, the board of zoning appeals, created under section 23-174.09, may serve in the same capacity for all cities of the second class and villages in place of a zoning board of adjustment.


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Cross References

  • For provisions relating to boards of adjustment for cities of the first and second class and villages, see sections 19-907 to 19-912.