Nebraska Revised Statute 23-114.02

Chapter 23


Comprehensive development plan; contents.

The general plan for the improvement and development of the county shall be known as the comprehensive development plan and shall, among other elements, include:

(1) A land-use element which designates the proposed general distribution, general location, and extent of the uses of land for agriculture, housing, commerce, industry, recreation, education, public buildings and lands, and other categories of public and private use of land;

(2) The general location, character, and extent of existing and proposed major streets, roads, and highways, and air and other transportation routes and facilities;

(3) When a new comprehensive plan or a full update to an existing comprehensive plan is developed, an energy element which: Assesses energy infrastructure and energy use by sector, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors; evaluates utilization of renewable energy sources; and promotes energy conservation measures that benefit the community; and

(4) The general location, type, capacity, and area served of present and projected or needed community facilities including recreation facilities, schools, libraries, other public buildings, and public utilities and services.

The comprehensive development plan shall consist of both graphic and textual material and shall be designed to accommodate anticipated long-range future growth which shall be based upon documented population and economic projections.