Nebraska Revised Statute 19-4633

Chapter 19 Section 4633


Court of condemnation; procedure.

In all proceedings before it, the court of condemnation shall appoint a reporter of its proceedings who shall report and preserve all evidence introduced before it. The clerk of the district court, in the county where the city is located, shall attend upon the court of condemnation and perform the duties of the clerk thereof, as the court of condemnation may direct. The sheriff of the county or any of his or her deputies shall attend upon the court and shall have power to serve summonses, subpoenas, and all other orders or papers ordered to be served by the court. In case of a vacancy on the court, the vacancy shall be filled by the Supreme Court if the vacancy occurs while the Supreme Court is in session, and if it occurs while the Supreme Court is not in session, then by the Chief Justice. The judges constituting the court of condemnation shall be paid by the city a per diem for their services in an amount to be established by rule of the Supreme Court and the city shall pay their necessary traveling expenses, accommodation bills, and all other necessary expenses incurred while in attendance upon the sittings of the court of condemnation, with reimbursement for expenses to be made as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177. The city shall pay the reporter that is appointed by the court the amount that is set by the court. The sheriff shall serve all summonses, subpoenas, or other orders or papers ordered issued or served by the court of condemnation at the same rate and compensation for which he or she serves like papers issued by the district court, but shall account to the county for all compensation as required of him or her under the law governing his or her duties as sheriff.