Nebraska Revised Statute 19-432

Chapter 19 Section 432


Commission plan; discontinuance; petition; election.

Any city which shall have operated for more than four years under the provisions of sections 19-401 to 19-433 may abandon organization thereunder, and accept the provisions of the general law of the state then applicable to cities of its population, by proceeding as follows: Upon a petition, signed by such number of the qualified electors of any such city as equals at least twenty-five percent of the highest vote cast for any of the council members elected at the last preceding general or regular election in any such city, being filed with and found sufficient by the city clerk or clerk of such council, a special election shall be called in any such city, at which special election the following proposition only shall be submitted: Shall the city of (name of city) abandon its organization under Chapter 19, article 4, and become a city under the general laws of the state governing cities of like population? If a majority of the votes cast at any such special election are in favor of such proposition, the officers elected at the next succeeding general city election in any such city shall be those then prescribed by the general laws of the state for cities of like population, and upon the qualification of such officers, according to the terms of such general state law, such city shall become a city governed by and under such general state law; Provided, if such special election is not held and the result thereof declared at least sixty days before the election date in any such city, then such city shall continue to be governed under the provisions of said sections until the second general city election occurring after the date of such special election, and at such general city election the officers provided by such general state law for the government of any such city shall be elected, and, upon their qualification, the terms of office of the council members elected under the provisions of this article shall cease and terminate.


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