Nebraska Revised Statute 19-1848

Chapter 19


Merger of commissions; agreement; applicability of act; exceptions.

(1) Any two or more cities of the first class which have civil service commissions may merge their commissions by an agreement.

(2) The agreement shall state the date of creation of the merged commission. Upon the date of creation of the merged commission, the existing commissions shall be dissolved without further action by the governing body. The dissolution of an existing commission and the resulting loss of authority by the members of the existing commissions shall not be deemed a removal from office under subsection (3) of section 19-1827. Members of the existing commissions are eligible for appointment to the merged commission.

(3) The Civil Service Act shall be applicable to a merged commission except as provided in the following provisions:

(a) A merged commission shall consist of three, five, seven, or nine members, as provided in the agreement;

(b) Each city participating in the agreement shall appoint at least one member to the merged commission;

(c) Each member of such merged commission shall be a resident of one of the cities participating in the agreement for at least three years immediately preceding his or her appointment;

(d) The term of office of each member of the merged commission shall be as provided in the agreement, except that such term shall not exceed six years. The agreement may provide for staggered terms of office for the initial members of the merged commission;

(e) At the time of appointment, not more than four members of a seven-member commission nor more than five members of a nine-member commission shall be of the same political party; and

(f) The appointing authority for purposes of appointing members to the merged commission shall be as defined in the act. The agreement shall provide for the appointing authority for the purpose of exercising all other powers of the appointing authority as described in the act.