Nebraska Revised Statute 18-601

Chapter 18 Section 601


Construction; federal aid; plans; assumption of liability; condemnation procedure.

Any city or village shall have power by ordinance to avail itself of federal funds for the construction within the city or village limits of subways, viaducts, and approaches thereto, over or under railroad tracks, and may authorize agreements with the Department of Transportation to construct such viaducts or subways, which shall be paid for out of funds furnished by the federal government. The ordinance shall approve detailed plans and specifications for such construction, including a map showing the exact location that such viaduct or subway is to occupy, which shall then and thereafter be kept on file with the city or village clerk and be open to public inspection. The ordinance shall make provision for the assumption of liability and payment of consequential damages to property owners resulting from such proposed construction and payment of damages for property taken therefor. The procedure to condemn property shall be exercised in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724.


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  • Operative Date: July 1, 2017