Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2119

Chapter 18 Section 2119


Redevelopment contract proposal; notice; considerations; acceptance; disposal of real property; contract relating to real estate within an enhanced employment area; recordation; use of tax-increment financing; certification by redeveloper.

(1) An authority shall, by public notice by publication once each week for two consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper having a general circulation in the city, prior to the consideration of any redevelopment contract proposal relating to real estate owned or to be owned by the authority, invite proposals from, and make available all pertinent information to, private redevelopers or any persons interested in undertaking the redevelopment of an area, or any part thereof, which the governing body has declared to be in need of redevelopment. Such notice shall identify the area, and shall state that such further information as is available may be obtained at the office of the authority. The authority shall consider all redevelopment proposals and the financial and legal ability of the prospective redevelopers to carry out their proposals and may negotiate with any redevelopers for proposals for the purchase or lease of any real property in the redevelopment project area. The authority may accept such redevelopment contract proposal as it deems to be in the public interest and in furtherance of the purposes of the Community Development Law if the authority has, not less than thirty days prior thereto, notified the governing body in writing of its intention to accept such redevelopment contract proposal. Thereafter, the authority may execute such redevelopment contract in accordance with the provisions of section 18-2118 and deliver deeds, leases, and other instruments and take all steps necessary to effectuate such redevelopment contract. In its discretion, the authority may, without regard to the foregoing provisions of this section, dispose of real property in a redevelopment project area to private redevelopers for redevelopment under such reasonable competitive bidding procedures as it shall prescribe, subject to the provisions of section 18-2118.

(2) In the case of any real estate owned by a redeveloper, the authority may enter into a redevelopment contract providing for such undertakings as the authority shall determine appropriate. Any such redevelopment contract relating to real estate within an enhanced employment area shall include a statement of the redeveloper's consent with respect to the designation of the area as an enhanced employment area, shall be recorded with respect to the real estate owned by the redeveloper, and shall be binding upon all future owners of such real estate.

(3)(a) Prior to entering into a redevelopment contract pursuant to this section for a redevelopment plan that includes the use of tax-increment financing as provided in section 18-2147, the authority shall require the redeveloper to certify the following to the authority:

(i) Whether the redeveloper has filed or intends to file an application with the Department of Revenue to receive tax incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act for a project located or to be located within the redevelopment project area;

(ii) Whether such application includes or will include, as one of the tax incentives, a refund of the city’s local option sales tax revenue; and

(iii) Whether such application has been approved under the Nebraska Advantage Act.

(b) The authority may consider the information provided under subdivision (3)(a) of this section in determining whether to enter into the redevelopment contract.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Advantage Act, see section 77-5701.