Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2117.04

Chapter 18


City; retain plans and documents.

(1) On and after October 1, 2018, each city that has approved one or more redevelopment plans or redevelopment projects that are financed in whole or in part through the division of taxes as provided in section 18-2147 shall retain copies of (a) all such redevelopment plans and (b) all supporting documents associated with the redevelopment plans or redevelopment projects, with any related substandard and blighted declaration under section 18-2109, and with any related extremely blighted declaration under section 18-2101.02 that are received or generated by the city.

(2) The city shall retain the redevelopment plans and supporting documents described in subsection (1) of this section for the period of time required under any applicable records retention schedule adopted under the Records Management Act or for three years following the end of the last fiscal year in which ad valorem taxes are divided, whichever period is longer.

(3) For purposes of this section, supporting document includes any substandard and blighted study or analysis conducted pursuant to section 18-2109, any extremely blighted study or analysis conducted pursuant to section 18-2101.02, any cost-benefit analysis conducted pursuant to section 18-2113, and any invoice, receipt, claim, or contract received or generated by the city that provides support for receipts or payments associated with the redevelopment plan or redevelopment project.

Cross References

  • Records Management Act, see section 84-1220.