Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2118

Chapter 18


Real estate; sell; lease; transfer; terms.

An authority may sell, lease for a term not exceeding ninety-nine years, exchange, or otherwise transfer real property or any interest therein in a redevelopment project area to any redeveloper for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, or other uses, including parking or other facilities functionally related or subordinate to such uses, or for public use in accordance with the redevelopment plan, subject to such covenants, conditions, and restrictions as it may deem to be in the public interest or to carry out the purposes of the Community Development Law. Such real property shall be sold, leased, or transferred at its fair value for uses in accordance with the redevelopment plan. In determining the fair value of real property for uses in accordance with the redevelopment plan, an authority shall take into account and give consideration to the uses and purposes required by such plan; the restrictions upon, and the covenants, conditions, and obligations assumed by the redeveloper of such property; the objectives of the redevelopment plan for the prevention of the recurrence of substandard and blighted areas; and such other matters as the authority shall specify as being appropriate. In fixing rentals and selling prices, an authority shall give consideration to appraisals of the property for such uses made by land experts employed by the authority.


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