Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2101

Chapter 18


Act, how cited.

Sections 18-2101 to 18-2155 shall be known and may be cited as the Community Development Law.


  • In considering a challenge to actions taken by a community redevelopment authority pursuant to the Community Development Law, a district court may disturb the decision of the community redevelopment authority only if it determines that the decision was illegal or is not supported by the evidence and is thus arbitrary, unreasonable, or clearly wrong. Under the Community Development Law, land cannot be added to an existing community redevelopment area unless (1) the additional land is declared blighted or substandard within the meaning of the Community Development Law or (2) the additional land is reasonably necessary to accomplish the implementation of the existing redevelopment plan. Fitzke v. City of Hastings, 255 Neb. 46, 582 N.W.2d 301 (1998).