Nebraska Revised Statute 14-385

Chapter 14


Streets; improvements; improvement districts; authorized.

(1) Subject to sections 14-384 to 14-3,127, any city shall have the power and is authorized to:

(a) Pave, repave, surface, resurface, and relay paving;

(b) Widen, improve the horizontal and vertical alignment, insert traffic medians, channels, overpasses, and underpasses;

(c) Apply temporary surfacing;

(d) Curb;

(e) Gutter as provided in sections 14-386 to 14-388;

(f) Improve in combinations as authorized in section 14-391;

(g) Recurb and regutter streets, boulevards, alleys, public grounds and parts of such streets, boulevards, alleys, or grounds;

(h) Regulate, restrict, eliminate, or prohibit access to, and vehicular travel upon, any existing or subsequently acquired street or other public way;

(i) Construct malls on such street or public way, and landscape, beautify, and enhance such street or other public way in any manner the city council may deem proper; and

(j) Create separate or combined street and sidewalk, street, or sidewalk improvement districts.

(2) The city shall not be required to make any of the improvements authorized in this section if for good reason the city deems such improvements should not be made even though such improvements were petitioned for as provided in section 14-390.


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  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022