Nebraska Revised Statute 14-391

Chapter 14


Streets; improvements; petition of property owners; improvement districts; create; districts partly within and partly outside city.

A city may, upon a petition of the record owners of a majority of the frontage of taxable property upon the streets or parts of streets within a district created for that purpose, order any of the improvements authorized in section 14-385, on any street or any number of consecutive streets which extend in the same general direction, together with parts of streets, alleys, and ways either intersecting or connecting therewith, within reasonable, appropriate, or necessary limits in one proceeding and in one improvement district, by causing such improvements in whole or in part to be paved, repaved, curbed, or recurbed, the grades to be changed or graded, the paving to be resurfaced or relaid, or any combination of such work to be done, including a change of grade and grading or either or both, or construction of malls, either street or sidewalk or streets and sidewalks, on any of the streets or ways within such districts. The city may also include in such districts the replacement or repair of sidewalks. In addition to the creation of districts lying wholly within the corporate limits, the city may create such districts on streets lying partly within the city and partly without the corporate limits.


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  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022