Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1252

Chapter 14


Bridges; cities with home rule charter; powers.

If any such city shall have adopted a home rule charter it may exercise any powers granted in sections 14-1201 to 14-1251 in the method herein provided or in such other method, in whole or in part, as may from time to time be provided in whole or in part by said home rule charter. The powers hereby conferred are to be exercised without any restriction or limitation under the city charter or laws of the state except the provisions of the Constitution of the state, and are supplementary and additional to powers which have been or may hereafter be conferred upon the city by the laws of the state or charter of the city. All powers granted or provided to be conferred upon the bridge commissions authorized by said sections are likewise granted to and conferred upon and may be exercised by the governing body of the city and the governing body of the city may delegate to any bridge commission created for such city under said sections, in the discretion of such governing body, any or all of the powers, privileges and rights of approval and restraint conferred upon it by said sections.


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